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Online Brand Protection - Ten Questions for Prospective Investors

There has been a lot of investor interest in the Online Brand Protection sector over the last six months, so I thought it would be worthwhile to assemble a list of the top ten questions to ask of a target business to help determine its potential.

Calculating the Return on Investment of Online Brand Protection Projects

ROI - what are the benefits of an Online Brand Protection project and why may these matter to end user organisations ? How do we calculate real return on investment of projects of this sort and what is actually measurable ?

An Investor’s Guide to the Online Brand Protection Market

Investors guide - what trends have prevailed in the Online Brand Protection market and how do they affect the performance and future of current leading players ? What KPI's should those considering investment in space use to judge likely winners and losers ?

Online Brand Protection – what do its history and recent trends mean for vendors and end users ?

History - What is Online Brand Protection, how did the market develop and what do recent trends tell us in terms of its future outlook for both vendors and user organisations ?

World TradeMark Review

WTR - what has been the impact of new gTLD's on the Online Brand Protection space and what are best practices to protect a brand in the new gTLD ecosystem ?