Brand Protection Market Analysis (suitable for end user or prospective investor)

  • Based upon over fourteen years’ experience in the Online Brand Protection sector
  • Unique insight into the origins and growth of the space
  • Comparison of the leading vendors based upon many years’ visibility
  • Analysis of recent and upcoming trends in the space
  • Insight into the opportunities and challenges in the market today
  • Detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses of many vendors

Technology Vendor Go to Market Strategy Review

  • In depth exploration of existing go to market models
  • Analysis of direct/indirect share of business
  • Detailed team interviews and A/B/C perfomer analysis
  • Lead source assessment
  • Marketing spend review

Global Coverage Assessment

  • Consideration of resource versus revenue opportunity as applied to different markets
  • Review of most effective routes to market by geography
  • Analysis of revenue, staffing and marketing spend by region
  • Detailed recommendations and plan to align resource with opportunity